The members of the Rotary Club of Kitchener Grand River support the principles and goals of Rotary International.

We Believe

We believe in directing the majority of our charitable donations to projects which involve children and youth (aged 18 and under).

We believe in planting seeds, investing in people, and helping youth and children who have physical, financial, mental or spiritual needs.

We believe in supporting projects that are of a preventative or proactive nature and projects that will make a significant impact.

Our Primary Responsibility

Our primary responsibility is to the children and youth of our local community. However, we recognize our responsibility to show leadership and to support children in need throughout the province, the country and the world.

Our Primary Focus

Our primary focus is on non-profit or charitable organizations that can demonstrate that they are financially viable: fiscally responsible and provide effective programming and/or service to children and youth.

Our focus is on organizations that can demonstrate a need for funding.

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